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Untitled landscapes 

an extended artistic research project


Observing dance, the other, and the world, at the rhythm of plants and rocks, requires a different sense of time. Through these Untitled landscapes I wish to center this patient mineral-vegetable speed in all aspects of my research and making.


Untitled landscapes is an evolving artistic project, a space and a time dedicated to cultivating a sustainable personal artistic practice, taking into account the rural setting in which I now live. If dance is the place where myself and my collaborators meet, our pseudo-archeological process involves writing, reading, filming, drawing, doing site visits, interviewing “local experts” of those sites, talking, observing the landscape, and practicing outdoors. This interweaving of practices leads to performances and other public renderings, and gives space to practicing and learning about our own dances together:


Landscape Stories (2023-2024)

site-specific group performances in Campan, Merri, and Versailles, France


Dance is the archeologist, or an idol in the bone. (2023-2024)

a solo performance

The eyes of the carpenter, a study for les Fontaines Salées (2022)

a short film and a site-specific dance performance in St. Père France

The wild film-shoot of an endless film (2024-2025)

a research situation


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