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Nottthing Is Importanttt (2007)

DD Dorvillier / Zeena Parkins / Thomas Dunn

DD Dorvillier, human future dance corps

Nottthing Is Importanttt is a cinema performance. A suite of three conditions – nine bodies, a movie, and a darkness and sound installation – the work plays with questions about the visible, the visual, and the construction of the imaginary. On a shallow stage in an intimate cinema-like space, a group of nine dancers perform a stream of simple actions reproducing the shapes of objects with their bodies at a slow pace. Immediately following the dancers' exit, a non-narrative movie featuring two familiar but unrelated icons of American folklore is projected on the wall. The movie's soundscore intensifies a rupture between looking and listening.When the movie is over, the audience is brought into a new environment, where the performers continue their tasks in darkness, and the sound shifts from being the element in between, to being space itself, and the architecture and everything it contains.The three parts of the work are related conceptually but not contingent upon one another thematically. Nottthing Is Importanttt plays with the distinctions and similarities between what can be seen, what can be felt, what is known, what is invisible, and what is imagined.

...some writings on Nottthing Is Importanttt

Working to perceive what is there, Danielle Goldman, Diary of an Image - DD Dorvillier - Danspace Project Platform 2014
Darkpart, illustrated choreographies & letter to Zeena Parkins, DD Dorvillier, Diary of an Image - DD Dorvillier - Danspace Project Platform 2014

Concept and choreography DD Dorvillier
Music Zeena Parkins
Movie Edited by Ryutaro Ishikane
Video game sequence Designed Victor Morales
Lighting Designer Thomas Dunn
Movie actors DD Dorvillier, John Jernquist



Danielle Goldman

Martin Lanz Landazuri
Alejandra Martorell

Andrea Maurer

Paul Neuninger
Mina Nishimura

Peter Sciscioli

Otto Ramstad
Elizabeth Ward


November 2 - 3, 2008 Playground Festival, STUK Kunstcentrum (Leuven, Belgium)

August 5 - 7, 2008 Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria)

February 2 - 10, 2007 The Kitchen (New York, United States)

Made possible with generous support from Altria Group, Inc., the Harkness Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the James E. Robison Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Multi-Arts Production Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Movement Research Artist Residency Project, funded, in part by the Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and from Materials for the Arts. Parts of this work were developed during residencies at La Caldera in Barcelona, Spain; and at Performing Arts Forum (PAF) in St. Erme, France.


David Bergé

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